Pseudoscience Is The Real Pandemic

Some people will believe anything because they can’t tell the difference between real science and pseudoscience. Not only have these people held back humanity, they have gotten people killed. Enough already.

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The Demarcation Problem

The Demarcation Problem is the attempt to draw a sharp line between science and pseudoscience, an endeavor that is harder than it seems.


In 1934, Karl Popper published his Logik der Forschung, in which he proposed falsifiability as a solution to the demarcation problem.

How to Spot Pseudoscience

Pseudoscience is everywhere and it may be difficult to discern, as it can look and smell like science.

Why Is Pseudoscience so Common?

Because it is easy to understand, it makes people feel good, most people are not aware of their cognitive biases, and some people benefit from helping it continue.

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(Image Credit: The Flying Spaghetti Monster)

Why Does Any of This Matter?

Because pseudoscience is counterproductive and dangerous.

So What’s the Solution?

Learn science, teach science, vote for candidates that support science, and stop giving pseudoscientists leeway.

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