A Chilean scientist believes manipulating extremophile bacteria to eat metal can save the environment from mining waste.

picture of mining equipment
The mining industry is one of the biggest sources of global pollution (Image Credit: Public Domain).

The extraordinarily dense insides of neutron stars serve up large portions of the strongest known substances: quantum spaghetti, lasagna, bucatini, gnocchi, and waffles for dessert.

picture of a neutron star
Neutron stars are the most bizarre bodies in the universe (Image Credit: Public Domain)

The lead-crime hypothesis suggests that childhood lead exposure leads to higher crime rates roughly 20 years later.

A little boy drinking from a water spigot.
Lead water pipes are globally one of the biggest sources of lead contamination (Image Credit: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic).

The US Founding Fathers were certainly religious, but most questioned the Bible, the intervention of God in the affairs of man, and even the divinity of Christ.

The Founding Fathers would be appalled by modern US politics.

Texas Republicans overhauled state election laws, adding unnecessary barriers for marginalized voters and undermining the basic tenets of democracy.

Texas and American flags
(Image Credit: Public Domain)

Thanks to staggeringly large, high-resolution data sets, biologists can understand genetic diversity patterns across scales never before possible.

Picture of DNA
Scientists can now look at genetic patterns across large scales (Image Credit: Public Domain)

And they’re not good: 241,000 dead, 2.5 million displaced, $2.4 trillion spent (and counting), and a more powerful Taliban than ever before.

US soldier interacting with Afghan children
(Image Credit: Public Domain)

Vaccine mandates aren’t new, they’re not a violation of your rights, they’ve been upheld by the Supreme Court, and they’re necessary to stop the pandemic. Get over it and get vaccinated.

Vaccine mandates are perfectly constitutional (Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons).

Thomas Paine, the intellectual architect of the American Revolution, made a logical and impassioned plea for providing everyone with guaranteed income.

Portrait of Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine is often quoted by anti-government enthusiasts, although he was in favor of Universal Basic Income

With a 3rd term on the horizon, Washington chose to recede from public life and to issue a dire warning for his fledgling country.

Portrait of George Washington
Washington was so worried about political parties that he dedicated his farewell address to warning us about them. (Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons)

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